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A 4 track ep made over the course of a year.

Lyrics written by me David Allison.

***** Ep cover art and the beats done by the Atlanta based artist Slug Christ The Golgotha Heroin Messiah , Yung Manic Depressive of Awful Records. ******



The time in which everything was written and put together will forever be distinct and peculiar to days in which i explored my character and my characters' odd placement in the human condition. personal notebooks filled with messy entrys written in pen. Always the act of writing was purposeless without a starting or end point, It was something to do and doing it felt good. These notebooks had no outward expression other than that given off when read by someone; that being said they were never read by anyone but myself. There is an exception, many of the entries were shown to my older brother. My brother Austin Allison (6/12/90 - 08/30/15) was always pushing me to be myself and to think for myself. He absolutely was my bestfriend, Though this isnt the place i will not list the innumerable ways he influenced and impacted my character yet I'm glad he got to hear these tracks in their entirety and listen to me practice, gave opinions, and always supportive of its progress and not once turn down an opportunity to freestyle nonsensically. Around early Spring 2015 I contacted SlugChrist via email. I purchased some beats and set out to turn my dust-collecting notebooks into something more audibly tangible. Everything was done around August. My brother left the world August 30th and thus began the readjustment of my forcibly affected frame of mind and demeanour. After some months of figuring out my own placement in life , studying who i am and how i perceive all of "this" Its people like my friend Dillon Berg who naturally come into orbit in my particular reality like a concerned family member with whom i am grateful for and speak in tangents and forget conventional formality but with honesty and comparative wonder of everything. Early November i felt i was ready to just get these songs done. I carry no expectations with these songs. They were made purely out of fun selfishness and self satisfaction. I contacted a very trusted individual Justin "Odix" and set a day to record. Finally after all this time spent its finally done. these songs will hardly make a difference to anything. These days there is so much activity going on and with today's flux of the internet everything seems even more so transitory and fleeting. Now 2015 is fixed in a bygone time of overwhelming emotional significance. This small collection of songs are drowned by the mass of countless works of others, in no way do i intend these songs to amount to anything, they are in themselves a necessary result of catharsis. Have you ever thought about making a footprint in water?

you can make an impression in the sand on the bottom of the water but you cannot make a footprint in the liquid-state of water, the moment you pull your foot away a rush of water replaces its spot. that is what these songs are. They are a lost footprint in a constantly changing rush of events.

- Soapbox



released December 30, 2015

Thank you,

Slug Christ

Thank you,

Justin Odix

Thank you,

Dillon Berg

In dedication and appreciation
thank you,

Austin (Dopefx) Allison

Until we meet in Perfection



all rights reserved


soapbox Salt Lake City, Utah

Soapbox // word vomit of temporal impulse // sidewalk wanderer of background// void intruder beseeched by daydream fog//

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